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What Kind of Packing do You Supply for Export?

How to manage the packing is really a big issue, which EMAC paid a lot of learning costs on it.

There is a obviously answer, is using plywood packing for all orders, but is it true? Due to the material costs and labor costs raised, the plywood box is not cheap any more, the plywood box for a even 1 CMB volume size costs over 100 US dollars in China now, so plywood box package for all products is not a reasonable solution.

Based on the quantity of goods, types of goods, the design of products, risky of goods damages and way of shipping, our logistic team will work out relevant reasonable packing solutions, with the target of lower down costs as well as guarantee the goods safety.

Like above, plywood box become quite expensive now, but if we spent money on plywood box, then everything are okey?

EMAC paid a high learning cost on this point as well, in the year of 2019, we have two containers goods on shipping, and we have plywood boxes for most of goods, when customer received goods, angry of customers come across to EMAC immediately, customer feels that we shipped them rubbish standard 2nd hand goods that from many years ago, because the goods status gives clients that feeling.

EMAC team was shocked with that situation as well, cause we clearly know what goods status before we shipped out goods. After received the photos of goods, we contacted to our shipping forwarder immediately, and as our professional logistic partner, they saved photos of goods loading for every shipment.

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EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition

As shows very clearly of goods loading, all the goods are well packaged, all the packages are not wet from the land transportation (We also worries that the goods might be get wet on the way from our factory to sea port which is shipped by trucks), everything are just normal after loaded into container, which means the situation of goods damages can only be on the vessel, or on the sea port of customer’s destinations. Its lucky that our shipping forwarder is professional enough and kept all the evidence, otherwise it will be very difficult for EMAC to explained the situation well for customers.

And everything single sea shipping that arranged by EMAC, we bought insurance for the shipping, we never missed any insurance to save the costs, including this case, so we processing the claim to insurance company immediately, and then the insurance company send out the surveyor the next day to customer’s factory and started the investigation on this case and carry on relevant processes. (In the end, its believe that our container was at the bottom of the boat, which in the stormy weather, water get on to boat deck and water get inside of our container and caused the damages to our goods).

EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition

While this is the end of case for 99% percent of other Chinese companies, cause its not EMAC’s fault at all indeed, while goods are well packed, everything are under good conditions after loaded, and insurance covered for the shipping.

But as a reliable business partner, our standard of services is not just only taking our responsibility, we also cares how to helped our business partners out of any troubles as much as we can. For this case, even shipping covered by the insurance company, and goods have damages, it’s impossible to make changes on all products, the project can’t wait for another couple of months of production and shipping again. So, we worked together with our business partners, tested all systems and components, listed out the rusty and damaged parts, worked out a plan on how to help them moving on production while insurance process is still moving on.

EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition
EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition

With most of rusty parts, it can be fixed and remove rusty area as all rusty area are not working surface, and for the damaged system parts such as servo motor and other components, due to they have been wholly soaked in water, two units are totally damaged together with some other electronics, EMAC shipped a set of all damaged components to our partners immediately, without additional charges and even no shipping costs, EMAC paid for all the costs as our effort of helping customers out of the difficulties they have, even this brings some losses to EMAC, but here at EMAC, we are not working as business, we are working as our life-time career, so we cares the value we crated, and the long-term relationship for every single customers.

As a result of our effort, customers very happy with our service standard and working style, and we become the priority power system supplier for all their future projects. at EMAC, we are happy and enjoy all the value we crated, we cherish all the relationships we had with our customers and partners, and we clearly know, this is the most meaningful and most enjoy part of our career.

EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition
EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition

The best service is no need service, EMAC paid our learning costs on the package, which we learned, we have to prepare for the worse situation for every single shipping, even in case of plywood case packing, we are covering the working surface of our goods with anti-rust painting, while with film wrapped the whole product to prevent it from rusty of possible leaking of container.

And for all our SEAMAC marine generator set products, we add the additional wax sealing protection, which can greatly help to improve the anti-rusty capability of our generator set in the salt spray humid environment, based on our local shipping yards and domestic engineers’ decades experiences, we also adopted additional customized upgrading of our marine generator set, for the convenience of use, greatly improved our products standard and customer satisfactions for all shipyards and ship owners from all over the world.

EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition

In the meantime, EMAC learned the course that we have to foresee all the possible risks for all process, we shouldn’t learning everything from a bad case, the ability of anticipate potential risks is another way of evaluate the ability and standard of a company.

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