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Dongfeng Dana Axle

Dongfeng Dana Axle Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise jointly established by Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Dana Corporation of the United States, focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of high-quality axle products. As a leading axle system supplier in China, the company is committed to providing advanced and reliable axle solutions for commercial vehicles and special vehicles.
Dongfeng Dana Axle products cover light axles, medium axles and heavy axles, including drive axles, steering axles and trailer axles. The company’s products are widely used in various commercial vehicles, buses and special vehicles to meet diverse market needs.
Dongfeng Dana Axle Co., Ltd. occupies an important position in the axle industry with its excellent product quality, advanced technology and high-quality customer service. The company will continue to be driven by technological innovation, continuously improve product performance and service levels, and strive to become a global leading axle system supplier.

Advantages of Dongfeng Dana Axle

1.Advanced manufacturing technology:
(1)Use advanced manufacturing technologies such as CNC machining, automated assembly and precision testing to ensure product consistency and high precision.
(2)Strict quality management system covers every link from raw materials to finished products to ensure that products meet international standards.
2.R&D innovation:
(1)The strong R&D team works closely with Dana Corporation of the United States to continuously develop and introduce internationally leading axle technology.
(2)Continuously carry out technological innovation and product upgrades, and launch a number of high-performance axle products with independent intellectual property rights.
3.Personalized customization service:
(1)Provide professional customized solutions according to customer needs to meet the requirements of special working conditions and application scenarios.
(2)The flexible production system can quickly respond to market changes and shorten delivery cycles.

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Dana Axle

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